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Whale watching on the Sunshine Coast

When do humpback whales migrate past the Sunshine Coast?

The seasonal migration of the male humpback begins in June, and the Sunshine Coast is a frequent stop on their way up north in search of warmer oceans.

Returning in October, you can see the whales en route and up close on both occasions, making whale watching on Sunshine Coast a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Whale watching has been steadily growing in popularity as one of the most popular activities on the Sunshine Coast with more and more visitors marvelling at these majestic animals.

Humpback whale facts. Did you know?

Humpback whales have a length of approximately 16 meters, and weigh around 50 tonnes.
Believe it or not, these magnificent creatures won't eat during the migration period, but dedicate the time to breeding.
Whale numbers along the Australia East Coast are at 20 000 and increase 10-11% each year.
In the late 1950's and 60's, whale hunting in Australia decimated the whale population from 30 000 down to a few hundred.
Whale hunting stopped in Australia in 1962.
The proximity of the whales to viewers is awe inspiring as you witness them engaging in activities from breaching to spyhopping, as well as tail lifting and tail slapping.

Whale watching tour options on the Sunshine Coast

There are a variety of whale watching tours available on the Sunshine Coast, each with a dedicated philosophy and attention to visitor enjoyment.

Whale watching operators provide guests with a luxurious experience from start to finish, with state of the art sailing vessels, upscale facilities, and top notch customer service all at a budget-conscious rate.

Morning and afternoon departures are available for guests, with additional food and beverage options available with package purchases.

Regardless of the the company you select, the viewing amenities provided are truly exemplary. Underwater viewing windows are available on most vessels to allow for optimal whale sighting and connection, with added air conditioning for convenience and comfort.

Additional facilities include pick up service from your hotel as well as tea, coffee, snacks, and full commentary menu selections. Scheduled day excursions to memorable destinations may also be included in requested tour packages.

How much does a whale watching tour cost on the Sunshine Coast?

Prices may vary according to date, time, and scheduled activities, with most whale watching tour companies charging between $110 to $170 for adults, and between $90 to $ 145 for children.

Many operators also offer family packages for added convenience and value.

Don't miss this extortionary experience

Sunshine Coast has earned worldwide fame for its stunning beaches, gorgeous weather, and epic whale watching.

Seeing a humpback whale up close, witnessing it interact with its family and hearing its melodic singing is truly a once in a lifetime experience you won't want to miss.

Hydrophones attached to the viewing vessels will amplify their sounds and allow for a whole new dimension to exploring these majestic creatures.

Whale watching along the Sunshine Coast region is not only extremely entertaining, but enlightening.

Whether it's watching a mother frolicking with and caring for her calf or delighting in the tricks performed by a humpback whale pod, whale watching on the Sunshine Coast is an absolute joy for parents and children alike and sure to leave you with lasting memories of nature at its most mind-blowing.

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