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The Top 10 Most Entertaining Things To Do In Coolum

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One of the brightest beachside towns in Australia, Coolum’s surrounding beach represents the town’s warm and sunny nature. If you dwell in this little piece of paradise or have ever visited its welcoming shores, you will know exactly what we are talking about. Offering folks a brilliant mix of the peace of a laid back coastal life, the glamour of luxury holiday apartments and shops along the esplanade filled with trinkets and treasures with the homely comfort of local bars and pubs or family-owned restaurants, Coolum is truly a town that has it all. With so many great choices and activities in and surrounding this little gem of a town, we have put together a list of the top 10 most entertaining things to do in Coolum, to help make that decision a little bit easier for you. 

  1. Conquer The Giant That Is Mt.Coolum

This absolutely captivating volcanic dome is a major attraction in Coolum and you definitely cannot miss it. Armed with your water bottle, camera, hiking shoes and hat, you have all you need to climb and conquer this beautiful beast of a mountain. It may not be Kilimanjaro, but the view from the top is breath-taking and nothing beats the thrill of climbing a mountain. 

  1. Surf (And If You Can’t, Learn How To)

Coolum beach is nothing if not renowned for one of the best breaks in and around Australia's Sunshine Coast. Sheltered bays provide direct onshore winds, guaranteeing a wave any day of the week. Not just for experienced surfers, the Coolum Surf School runs surf lessons daily from 10am - 12pm to ensure that anybody, at any time, can have the means to learn how to surf if they so choose. Sharing the love of surfing all year around. 

  1. Soak Up The Holiday Vibes Coolum Has To Offer On Its Famous Beach 

Coolum Beach is not just famous for its surf potential, it is loved by sunbathers, sightseeing tourists and adventuring locals alike. The breath-taking cliff tops and boardwalks ensure that there is an activity to entertain anyone in the family. Whether it’s holiday season and you’re looking for a fun day out to kill the cabin fever or you’re searching for a weekend activity that will please everyone, doesn’t the delight of Coolum beach just sound like the perfect fit? 

  1. Visit The World’s Largest Water Park - Because, Well, Who Wouldn’t? 

Yes, you read correctly, Coolum boasts the largest waterpark in and around the entire globe! Blast Aqua Park is world famous. It offers a wild adventure for park goers of all ages and guarantees to be one of the most memorable experiences to partake in, not just in Coolum but in the entire Sunshine Coast.

  1. How Have You Not Heard Of Flicks In The Park?

During the summer holidays, a group of local businesses band together in true community spirit and host this weekly Saturday night movie extravaganza. You can watch all your favourite flicks beachside, under the stars and with all your closest friends and family. Bringing the community together and creating a space for good wholesome fun. 

  1. Wine And Dine At An Award-Winning Restaurant, Obviously 

Who doesn’t love good food and a captivating view? Coolum Surf Club’s Beachside restaurant is a leisurely and unique dining experience with the restaurant featuring the only genuine wood fired chargrill found in any surf club in Australia! Open seven days a week for lunch and dinner and offering a menu suitable for any taste as long as you enjoy great food, it is clear to see why this local treasure won the 2017 Best Club Dining Award. 

  1. Pop On Over To Alley Cat On A Friday Or Saturday Night

Whether you know them for their tasty cupcakes or for having the best coffee in all of Coolum, you should definitely know Alley Cat. This trendy cafe isn't just the hub of delectable treats and warm drinks, Every Friday and Saturday night you can pop over to Alley Cat to bask in the chill vibes of a live music jam session. The perfect way to end off any weekend night. 

  1. If You Have Never Barefoot Bowled Before, There Has Never Been A More Perfect Time To Try

A fun, relaxed and original way to spend time with friends, family or even team building with work colleagues, the Coolum Beach Bowls Club offers this rare opportunity to try bowls, barefooted. With the bar and restaurant right next to the greens, groups can dine, drink and play barefooted on the greens and share a merry time with the people around them. You may be surprised how fun this is, with the right people this can be one of the most entertaining group activities Coolum has to offer. 

  1. Visit The Sunshine Coast Collective Markets Every Second Sunday 

Bimonthly, local foodies, growers, artisans and musicians get to showcase their talents and crafts to locals and tourists alike. Starting out as a modern-day treasure hunt, the once travelling crafts market has now found roots within Coolum primary school and now, twice a month, that is now where you can find this rich and vibrant collective market. What better way is there to spend a Sunday morning than browsing all the treasures they have to offer while you indulge in the delectable items the food lovers have brought to share with you while listening to the melody of local bands playing live sets. It’s almost picturesque, isn’t it?

  1. Keep Things Simple - Relax By The Pool And Unwind

Whether your idea of a perfect pool day is you in solace, alone and soaking up that Australian sunshine while sipping on a pina colada, or you surrounded by family and friends, cannonballing into the pool while the barbie is flaming on, Coolum can make any day at home feel like a holiday. With its unique family-friendly atmosphere and warm and sunny climate, it is easy to enjoy the little things in life like a day by the pool don't you think? 

Coolum has a lot to offer in terms of family fun, adventuring and exploring. This town also has a lot of offer in terms of beautiful homes and apartments. The Point is an apartment building specifically designed to bring you the comfort of a home while providing you with luxurious treatment. Choosing between 1, 2- and 3-bedroom villas has never been easier as they all offer a mesmerizing panoramic sea view. Whether you are in Coolum on a holiday or looking for the best place to indulge for your staycation, The Point Coolum is the perfect choice. Contact us today to make your booking.  


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