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The Perfect Ocean View Accommodation For I Spy With My Little Eye

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The Sunshine Coast, and in particular Coolum Beach, offers so much pleasure for the local and tourist’s eyes. And when you’re relaxing on a high vantage point in the comfort of your ocean-view accommodation, why wouldn’t you want to play a quick game of I Spy With My Little Eye? Let's begin!

… Something Beginning With B

If you guessed beach, that’s too easy. Yes, the beautiful beaches along the coastline are there for all to see and admire, so guess again. Beach bums? Sadly not, but nice try.. Birdlife? Yep, you guessed it! From your ocean-view accommodation, you’ll be able to take in all the sights and sounds our local birdlife has to offer. In fact, the magpies, kookaburras and willie-wagtails are known to come and join you a while on your balcony. 

Not a bird-watcher?  There's plenty more to see ...

… Something Beginning With S

Sand? Nope, that's waaay too easy. We know you’ll be able to see the sandy shores - there's so many nearby.. Guess again. Surfers? Yes!, You’re right. Coolum is renowned for its beach break and is home to some of the world's best surfers (Julian Wilson lives nearby). In fact, our Bay Terrace Villas overlook First Bay, the home of local, local surfing, where on any given day you can while away hours watching local boardriders strut their stuff.

… Another Thing Beginning With S

Sun? Well, if you guessed this, you’re halfway there. Sunrise? Sunset? Yes, and yes. The sunrises and sunsets viewed from our ocean view accommodation on Sunshine Coast are the best in the world (we reckon they are, anyway!). It's definitely worth the effort to get up early enough to watch the sky light up in the morning.  It's amazing and you'll remember it forever!

… Something Beginning With M

Can you spy something beginning with M? Want a hint? Look down in those rock pools along the The Bays below. See it? Yes - marine animals!. Why not try snorkeling off Second Bay or at Point Arkwright? Or take a walk along the teh headland and watch turtles and sting rays pass by.  Our local beaches provide some of the best marine life sightings and guests staying with us are sure to be treated to a glimpse or two of these amazing sea creatures!

… Something Beginning With W

Water?  Sorry, keep looking in that direction though.  Waves?  Nope, look a little further out.  Is that a Whale?  Yes!!! Every year between May and November we are blessed to have these giant beasts pass by.  And in the spring they pass through again with their calves.  Sit back on your balcony and enjoy them breaching, waving and doing their thing.  It is breathtaking to see.

It’s Time To Starting Spotting

With so much to see, grab that beer or glass of wine and pull up a chair as you enjoy some of the most epic views at our ocean view accommodation. Contact us at The Point Coolum to book your ocean view accommodation. Enjoy the best panoramic ocean views this place, which we love so much, has to offer. Our accommodation and its rooms are always welcoming for guests’ viewing pleasure! 

Visit us for Coolum hotel.

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